Hotel Escape Room

Get more revenue from your hotel room!

For sale!
Escape Room Designer B.V. has especially for hotels developed an Escape Room. This Escape Room is ideal for hotels, because it can be realized in any type of hotel room.

Why an Escape Room?

There are several reasons why Escape Rooms are so popular. A major strength is that they are suitable for almost everyone, young and old can participate. All nationalities can participate and al our rooms are in Dutch and English. An Escape Room requires a lot of your brain activity, but little of your physical condition. In addition, it is so much fun to do an activity together with the family, your sports club or friends. You have to work hard together to solve all mysteries and puzzles in order to crack the code. The time pressure creates fanaticism. By fighting the clock together, it is also very suitable as a team building activity. In short, an activity not to be forgotten.

The story Paul

McCartney visited the hotel and left his suitcase. When the case is opened, it appears to be a music case. There is an unknown song on it, a song that was never released by the Beatles. Do the players know how to crack the codes and unlock the number? The theme of the Escape Room is music. This theme can be changed every 2 years.


Escape Room Designer builds the Escape Room Turn key, everything is completely ready and put into use Including:
• scenario
• maintenance contract
• training for staff
• marketing and support
• camera system
• control room

Unique selling points:
  • more sales per hotel room
  • extra facility
  • Target audience:
    - Monday to Thursday: Business
    - Friday to Sunday: Tourists and entertainment purposes  
  • free publicity
  • more hospitality turnover
  • €99.50 per group (sales advice)
  • 2 to 6 people per group
  • duration: 45 minutes per round
  • 10 to 20 bookings per week
  • revenue €50.000,-/€100.000,- per year