We have already realized a lot of Escape Rooms in recent years.
Below you will find a selection of the rooms we have built so far.
Will you soon find....your own Escape Room in this selection?

Mobile Escape Room Cyber Security

Is cyber security an issue within your company? Then we have the solution. We are Escape Room Designer and have a Cyber ​​Security Escape Room, which is for rent and can be placed at your location for training and awareness of Cybercrime.

Together with a Cyber ​​Security specialist, it will be clear in 45 minutes what the dangers of cybercrime are. You play the Cyber ​​Security game for 30 minutes, after which you talk to an expert for 15 minutes. (Can be your own Expert)

This Cyber ​​Security training is ideal for all your employees to take a first step towards a safer working environment.

Parts that are covered are phishing, cyber ​​Security, privacy, GDPR, social engineering, mobile equipment, ransomware, USB-drop and hotline.


Awareness Drugs

Is there a problem area or neighborhoods in your area? And do you want to fight organized crime in a fun and unique way? Not only fun, but also learning.

What to do if your gut feeling indicates that something is going on, where should you be and especially what should you do? By using our real life game Drugs lab Escape Room, we create togetherness and awareness in the field of drugs or a subjects of your choice. Our tool can also be a solution for the police, fire brigade, house construction and insurers. The approach will be different for each target group. Our Escape Rooms can all be adapted to your wishes, both in terms of purpose and theme. We create a safe working environment that allows for the greatest mistakes, without injuring anyone. A drug lab is discovered every day, but what are the right rules? When do you enter a building? Realistic practice in such an environment is not only safe and educational, but also a unique way of working together and fun.


Social Distancing - 1.5M Office Awareness Training

Corona outbreak in your company? If there is an outbreak within your company, the activities will be completely shut down for at least ten days. This means, no income and a lot of costs. To prevent this, we have developed a training in the field of social distancing.

Working safely in the office while observing the 1.5 meter distance from each other can be done in an office space if you make the right agreements and choose the right design. It requires some getting used to and that is why we at Escape Room Designer B.V. developed an awareness game.


Mobile Escape Room Safety

They sometimes say, you learn from making mistakes. But what if you can't afford mistakes. By using our real live game in our Mobile Safety Escape Room we create a safe working environment that allows for the biggest mistakes, without anyone being injured.

The Escape Room is a realistic way of learning. It connects employees to each other and they learn to show safe behavior in dangerous situations within a similar environment to where they work themselves. The solution is accessible to everyone. We help you by making your employees aware of the dangers of an unsafe workplace and of certain cumbersome safety actions. We strive to optimize the behavior of employees towards dangerous situations. Employees will respond enthusiastically and ask you to participate in the new safety initiative.


Hotel Escape Room

Especially for hotels Escape Room Designer has developed a Turn Key Escape Room that can be realized in one of your hotel rooms. With this Escape Room it is possible to generate more revenue with your hotel room.

Story (to personalize)

Paul McCartney paid a visit to the hotel and left his suitcase. When the case is opened, it turns out to be a music case. It has an unknown song on it, a song that was never released by the Beatles. Do the players know how to crack the codes and unlock the new number? The theme of the Escape Room is music. This theme can be changed every two years.

Escape Room Designer build the Escape Room Turn key. This means that everything is completely ready and can be used by you immediately. Including:
• scenario
• maintenanc
e contract
• training for staff
• marketing and support
• camera system
• control room


Bowling Westland

Get to know your colleagues, friends or family better in the search for hidden clues. Whose side are you on? The moonshiners or Jack Daniel's? Unravel the mysteries and work together as a team to defuse the bomb in time and escape. You have exactly 60 minutes!


3D Mobile

Escape Room Designer has a mobile virtual reality experience. VR is a real hype nowadays and more and more people want to experience the excitement and sensation that this entails. The former command trailer has been transformed into an educational and exciting virtual reality experience, in which all your senses are stimulated in an interactive way. We offer the VR glasses ourselves and also provide light and sound.


  • max. 14 people per game
  • 1 to 20 min. per game
  • 1 room

Escape Room the Safe

Escape Room the Safe is located in an old bank building. The challenge of this unique Escape Room is to break in and rob the safe. By breaking in, you become partner in crime with the most shady person in Oud-Beijerland, called Faust. Faust still has a bone to pick with a boss from the Dutch underworld: René 'Goudklomp' van Harderen '. He is looking for 4-10 professionals to join him in cracking the security system and robbing the safe.


  • 4 to 10 people per room
  • 60 minutes
  • 2 rooms

Pop-up Escape Rooms Defence

The Ministry of Defence is looking for new employees and wants to raise awareness of what the Ministry of Defence is all about. In order to give the population a better impression of who Defence actually is and also to see whether there are suitable candidates among the population who could perform a fine function in Defence, the idea of the pop-up escape room was born. Several times a year a pop-up escape room will appear at various locations in the Netherlands. The first pop-up escape room has just been opened at Amsterdam Central Station. The escape room has been specially designed for Defence and will be available for a number of weeks to play in one location.

Where will the next one open?


  • 2 to 8 people per game
  • 25 minutes
  • 1 room

Mobile Escape Room

The former commando trailer has been transformed into an educational and exciting game where teams have to work together to solve riddles and puzzles and crack codes, in order to escape within a certain time.

The mobile escape room can be played temporarily or permanently at your own location. Do you have a catering company, an event, a festival or a business park and are you looking for something unique? Then this mobile escape room is really something for you.


Escape room SS Rotterdam

You step inside, suddenly the door closes. The only way to escape is to play the interactive game. Solve the puzzles and make the right connections. Work together as a team to unravel the secrets and escape the Escape Room in time! Come to a place where you would normally never be able to come. Excitement, concentration, surprise and fun. An unforgettable experience!


  • 4 to 10 people per room
  • 60 minutes
  • 2 rooms

Escape room Bali

The CTC is an organisation that is committed to the current and future protection of the coral sea. The Coral Triangle Center will open a new visitor centre in Sanur: the Hub, to show people how important coral is. In order to reach the target group and to interest them in CTC and its activities, the plan was made to build an Escape Room. In collaboration with Aram Leeuw brand experience design, the Escape Room has been realized and is now open!


Escape Boat Nijmegen

Escape rooms Nijmegen, do you dare to take on the challenge? Get locked up in one of the four Escape Rooms and try to escape within 60 minutes!

Meanwhile, five escape rooms have been opened, can you help our captain? What are you waiting for?


Escape Rooms Defence

Escape room Designer has already developed a lot of escape rooms for Defence. For example, they have performed on various open days, family days and other events. In addition, an impression of the atmosphere of all the escape rooms used by and for Defence.


  • 6 to 600 people per game
  • Variable duration
  • Various sizes

Escape Box Vermeer

Do you have an advertising agency, a company, museums, meeting location etc. and do you want to give your staff a unique experience between the companies, or more brand awareness? Then Escape Box Vermeer is really something for you!

Escape Box Vermeer can be built up at almost all locations and can be personalised as desired. With a maximum of four people per round you try to escape in a time frame of 15 minutes. Unique to this room is that it can be played without personnel. More information needed? Contact us!


  • 2 to 4 people per game
  • 15 minutes
  • 1 room

Escape room NMM

An escape room will provide more visitors and income and will add a true experience to your museum. At this moment we have cooperated with the National Military Museum in Soest. Our mobile escape room is located here occasionally throughout the a year. NMM was looking for ways to increase the experience of visitors and our mobile escape room was the perfect solution.


Rabobank and Flora Holland Teambuilding

Rabobank and Flora Holland also use the mobile Escape room for Teambuilding. Together with a coach, the employees are sent on a mission, can the team cooperate well together? What are the positive points and what are the feedback points? A team learns a lot from each other by playing the Escape Room, because only with good cooperation and communication can the assignment be completed.


Escape Room the Heffer Amsterdam

Jacob is a successful young stockbroker. He works in Amsterdam and leads the life of a young god. He exudes success ... He is success.

One of the most successful traders in Amsterdam, lives in a penthouse on the dam and has friends in abundance. Not to mention money. In order to give this life even more perfection, Jacob will soon marry the beautiful Kim. A woman who knows what she wants. She wanted Jacob and she managed to tie him to herself, as well as financially. Jacob wanted a beautiful woman, and got what he wanted in Kim. A girl from a poor litter but stunning, she is working on the road as a model. Behind every successful man, stands a strong woman. But nothing is what it seems..... Prospect is power. Do you dare to play 1 of these 3 blood-curdling escape rooms?


  • 2 to 8 people
  • 60 minutes
  • 3 rooms


Dear employees of the Algemene Bank Nederland, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, What a pleasure to welcome you here. I will get straight to the point. This morning began quietly at the ABN AMRO bank. Nothing, nobody could have guessed what happened at 9 a.m. in the morning. Mrs. DDoS, possibly a Russian, has paid us a visit. Where she has penetrated our computer system several times in recent weeks, she has now literally entered our building. We have been able to trace Mrs DDos on the surveillance cameras. We at the investigative service inspected the area and came across a bomb. We need YOU to defuse the bomb, as this is a specific attack on ABN AMRO. After all, you are good with numbers and specialized in Agile work. The moment we enter the room you will have to switch quickly. Sure thing, the situation changes every minute.... You must communicate well, be agile and you have to bend along with what is happening. You are responded to that, right?


  • max. 20 persons each game
  • 30 to 60 minutes per game
  • 1 meeting room converted into an escape room

Escape room XL

Escape room especially for large groups which can be played in Rotterdam and Houten.

Rotterdam: As soon as the door of the escape room opens, you leave everything behind. The bomb is ticking. Be precise and defuse the bomb. The bomb is located in the engine room of a submarine. Stay focused and solve the assignments and puzzles. This can only be achieved if you work together with the other crew members. If it doesn't succeed, you and the ship will go down. Take on the role of a secret agent. Search for clues and hand out tasks.

Houten: In the escape-room "Chemical Lab" the scientists have disappeared and there is a 4 meter high chemical bomb that explodes in 60 minutes and will infect you and the whole province of Utrecht! Now it's up to your ingenuity and cooperation to defuse the bomb.


Escape room Albert Schweitzer

XL Escape room at your own location? James Bond is overpowerd by the Russian agent Editsky in his attempt to save the world. He is tied up, blindfolded and drugged in the OR. Will 50 nurses be able to free him and defuse the bomb.


  • 20 to 100 people per game
  • 60 minutes
  • 1 room

Mobile escape room KIA

For KIA Nederland, Escape Room Designer developed a mobile escape room in a sea container. This unique experience was used during a promotional campaign throughout the Netherlands.


  • up to 6 people per game
  • 15 minutes
  • 1 room

Escape XL Royal Flora Holland

Royal Flora Holland opened new meeting rooms at the end of August 2017, now this could just be done with a drink and a look around but Royal Flora Holland came to Escape Room Designer.

The question was whether we could convert one of the meeting rooms into an escape room, and of course, we took care of this. An exciting and challenging job! Do you also want a temporary escape room at your location? Please contact us and ask for the possibilities.


  • Up to 20 people per game
  • Easy to realize
  • For every location

Escape Room Arena Nijmegen

The Escape Arena is equipped with the latest techniques and the coolest special effects. Through light and sound, you and your team members are encouraged to find the solutions as quickly as possible. Only by working well together can victory be claimed. Meanwhile, do you manipulate the team on the other side of the glass wall? Or do you use a spy to take off tricks from the other team? In 90 blood-curdling minutes, the game is decided and the winning team is crowned..


  • 20-50 people per game
  • 60 minutes
  • 1 room

Escape Room Coffeeshop Amsterdam

The Coffeeshop takes place in Coffeeshop Chihigh, the coffee shop of the Amsterdam hash dealer Frans van W. On a beautiful summer day there are shots, just when Frans van W. is smoking in front of his shop in Amsterdam. He is been hit and stumbles back towards his shop. He doesn’t make it. Because Frans owed some money from the perpetrator, the culprit placed a bomb in the coffee shop to collect the money via the family. The last words of Frans van W., written in his own blood, were "You are next". Are you? Or do you defuse the bomb within 60 minutes and will you escape from escape room De Coffeeshop?


  • 2-16 people per game
  • 60 minutes
  • 1 room

Escape room 007

Escape room 007 is located in an underground bunker just behind the Wapen van Willemstad in the fortress of Willemstad. This Escape Room is built for both families and groups of friends, but also very suitable for a teambuilding experience. Locked up with your colleagues, friends or family, you will discover new qualities of each other. An exciting experience that can lead to more creativity within the team. After years of developing company outings, family outings and bachelor parties, we like to make complete arrangements.


  • Up to 8 people per game
  • 60 minutes
  • 1 Room
  • Room closed


Does it start to tickle after so many inspiring examples? Your own Escape Room is closer than you think. Don't hesitate to contact us to discover all the possibilities!


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